Menudong Baboy (Pork Menudo via Instant Pot)

Menudong Baboy (Pork Menudo via Instant Pot)

Menudo (not the Ricky Martin boy band during the ‘80’s) is one dish that almost every Filipino household makes.  It is a stew made of pork, potatoes and tomato sauce.  Then other ingredients are added such as sliced hotdogs, chickpeas, green peas, pork liver and raisins depending on who is cooking.  My mom would just make this basic recipe because I was very picky growing up.



  1. Heat Instant Pot on Saute setting and add some oil to the inner pot.  Once hot, fry sliced hotdogs for a couple of minutes and remove.  Then add garlic and onions and saute until fragrant.

  2. Add pork and cook until lightly browned.

  3. Add tomato sauce, tomato paste, soy sauce, water, baby potatoes, baby carrots, bay leaves, salt and pepper and give it a quick stir.

  4. Turn and lock lid and select Pressure Cook on High Pressure setting for 20 minutes.  When done, allow pressure to release naturally.

  5. Add sliced hotdogs.   Transfer to a serving dish and remove bay leaves.  Enjoy!!


I have an Instant Pot Duo Crisp+Air Fryer 8 qt model.  Please refer to the manual of your Instant Pot model for settings and pressure control features.

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