Arroz Caldo (Chicken Rice Porridge via Instant Pot)

Arroz Caldo (Chicken Rice Porridge via Instant Pot)

I remember when I was a kid that my mom would make this for us when we were sick.  So when my mom was recovering in rehab from her hip surgery, this is one of the dishes that I started cooking for her.  I like that it’s a hearty meal which my mom needed as she had lost a lot of weight and it is super easy to make. 



  1. Set the Instant Pot on Saute.  Heat up the vegetable oil and saute the garlic, onions and ginger until fragrant.

  2. Add the chicken and lightly brown.

  3. Add chicken broth, water, salt and rice and mix together.

  4. Turn and lock the lid in place, select the Pressure Cook setting and program for 20 minutes on High Pressure.    Once done, let pressure release naturally for 10 minutes and then quick release remaining pressure.

  5. Unlock lid, add salt and pepper according to your liking and enjoy!!


I have an Instant Pot Duo Crisp+Air Fryer 8 qt model.  Please refer to the manual of your Instant Pot model for settings and pressure control features.

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